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The Dr. Ifeanyi Onyeji
2024 Medical Student Travel Award Winners

Imani Butler
Dell Medical School

Prior to attending medical school, I was motivated to improve the well being of my community through food as medicine. Together we worked to develop plans to achieve their health goals. Within medical school, I identified a specialty that would enable me to continue these transformative conversations, enriching the lives of patients, while equipping me with the tools and skills to provide immediate aid – urology.

Nader Shayegh
Howard University College of Medicine

Access to the rich knowledge base and networking opportunities at the AUA has empowered me to inspire the next generation of urologists. I intend to leverage these insights and connections to advocate for and improve healthcare access for underserved communities. With a passion for innovation and equity, I am eager to make a meaningful impact in the field of urology.

Hodan Mohamud
University of Toronto

My attendance at #AUA24 is fundamental to my aspiration to join the few Black urologists in Canada and become the first Somali woman urologist in the world.

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